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When you are playing golf the over the top golf stroke can be one of the most frustrating strokes for you to make. You work harder and harder every time to stop that annoying rounding of the shoulders with no results. Learning what an over the top golf stroke consists of may be the key to stopping this frustrating and sometimes embarrassing stroke.

When you golf there is a line that golfers follow between the back swing to the ball this line is called the plane of swing. When you do an incorrect golf swing this path is either underneath this plane or over the plane. This will cause your shoulders to round causing in an overstrike. This is usually one of the harder golf errors to correct.

The causes of an over the top golf swing can be a bad fault that causes your out swing to be off center. When you are at the top of your swing there is a slight pause before coming down to strike your ball, during this pause your brain mentally senses whether you are in the right position which causes you to subconsciously shift a little either direction causing your swing to go over the top.

Another cause of an over the top golf swing is if during this pause in swing your mind tells your body to make certain adjustments. If you swing too much under the swing plane your brain should adjust but sometimes it does not which will then cause the over swing.

There are two very different ways to conquer your golf swing. The first way entails an immediate fix while the other deals with a permanent one. When you are attempting the quick cure, you need to be sure that when you are at the top of the golf swing you bring the club in slowly to hit the ball. The permanent cure is a little more involved and requires lots of practice. In order to achieve a permanent fix most golfers turn to a professional trainer. These trainers can help you to learn how to control your golf swing. Either choice is yours but most avid golfers choose the permanent fix.

Knowing what an over the top golf swing will make your shot look like, you can fix the problem, in most cases, fix the problem without lessons. If not find a golf professional trainer near you.

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Over the Top Golf Swing

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This article was published on 2010/03/30